Videoconferencing is connecting two or more locations via the internet and make communication possible by using video and audio. The primary goal is to communicate at a distance with each other  as if it seems that all the participants are in the same room.

Videoconferencing offers the possibility to meet more efficiently and effectively. Not as a 100% replacement of ‘face 2 face’ meetings, but as a sustainable alternative of the current way of meetings. A saving of time and costs spent on travelling can be made directly. It is possible to set up and schedule ad hoc and short meetings and (international) project consultation. The daily growing group of video conference users see this as an added value; without leaving your desktop you can quickly and efficiently build on relationships.

Meet via video

Consumer solutions for video calls such as Skype, FaceTime and Google Hangouts are increasingly replacing telephone conversations with family and friends. Even for business discussions, video communication is used more and more frequently, both internally and externally. Especially when you see meetings from an economic perspective, a professional videoconferencing system deserves a quick return.

Videoconferencing continues to develop and a large number of inhibiting factors are outdated. Until a few years ago, professional video conferencing systems were reserved for multinationals and larger companies for cost reasons alone. Thanks to the “cloud”, increasingly cheaper (electronic) hardware and ample available internet bandwidth, videoconferencing is becoming increasingly interesting for many companies.

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility are on the agenda of many companies. The resources we use and consume, such as copy paper and coffee cups, are now ‘sustainable’. Lamps are  replaced by LEDs and light switches by sensors. Working at home is now the rule rather than the exception. However, the weekly meeting is still often on the agenda.

In contrast to free video communication applications, professional systems are interchangeable thanks to the H.323 standard. A videoconference can be set up regardless of the type or brand. Use the app or desktop client to participate from laptop, tablet or smartphone.