EasyToConnect Audio service

For Conference offers with EasytoConnect Audio a professional and reliable service for secure and flexible conference calling.

With our service you can start a conference call at any time and anywhere, without any reservations required.
For conferenceYou only have costs when you actually use our service. We don’t charge any subscription or start fee.

If you choose For Conference, you choose quality and a reliable partner with years of experience in remote communication. For example, three of the four largest banks in the Netherlands are using our EasytoConnect Audio service satisfactorily. You always have a fixed point of contact and we are  24/7 available, without a voice response menu. That is why we can quickly assist you in case of any problems.

Easy in use

EasytoConnect Audio is easy to use and offers interesting options:

  • Each conference call your own PIN code so the call is properly secured;

  • Cost allocation by adding file numbers or project codes;

  • Security passcode: secure each call with an extra code;

  • Operator Assisted call with Q & A session among the participants;

  • Recording your call: record the meeting to listen to later.

EasytoConnect Audio offers: dial in yourself, dial out or an event call to reach a large group of people.

Sign up for your personal meeting details

Audio conferencing is an easy and fast way to bring people together at any time, regardless of where they are. The only thing the participants need is a mobile phone or landline.

Sign up for your personal meeting details once and you can start within 15 minutes. You don’t have to book or make a reservation.

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Why audio conferencing

Audio conferencing offers the opportunity to consult place and time independently and brings  participants together from different locations. You can save on travel costs and travel time.

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