Cisco Webex Teams

“Multifunctional platform for meetings, messaging, calling and content sharing”

Webex Teams offers a multifunctional platform for continuous team collaboration with (video) meetings, (group) messages, content sharing and a whiteboard function. Bring people inside and outside your organization together in secure workspaces. Webex Teams is completely designed around mobile and flexible working and offers uncompromising (team) collaboration regardless of the device and the location.

In the app you can create teams and workspaces, where each participant is also host and can start a scheduled, but also an ad hoc meeting. Everything shared during the meeting is stored in the connected room. In addition to all participants, you also have an overview of the content of the meeting.

Create teams to bring people inside and outside your organization together in secure workspaces. Enable everyone to see and share all information to work together efficiently and productively. Send messages, share files, create or edit (on) drawings on the whiteboard. Easily add people within your organization or invite customers, partners or business relations via e-mail and start collaboration immediately.

Work efficiently, productively and creatively together by starting a meeting from any (mobile) device using HD video, screen sharing and the whiteboard function. Each team member can be both participant and host and can start a scheduled but also an ad hoc meeting. All chat messages, files and notes via the whiteboard are conveniently stored in the connected room. Everyone in the room has access to these files. Continue the conversation even after the meeting.

Manage and schedule meetings  with a maximum of 200 participants. Audio within Webex meetings is supported by VoIP, or (as flat-fee service) Dial-In or Call-Me for unlimited telephone participation for a fixed amount per month.

Don’t lose (time-sensitive) messages in a full inbox. Create teams and rooms to receive and save messages. All information about meetings, messages, files and recordings are stored in the workspace.

File sharing is easy. The received files are also archived in a well-organized manner within the team that is being worked on. Each team member has access to the messages and the files. Work more efficiently by spending less time on retrieving e-mails and messages.

Sending and storing data is secure and encrypted. Rooms can be closed; only moderators can add participants. Participants from outside your organization are visibly marked within a room.

Use the Webex Teams app in combination with Webex hardware for an optimal experience in video and team collaboration in the meeting rooms. Connect directly to any Webex device registered in the cloud and start a meeting or use the screen sharing feature.

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