Event call

Host an event with 30, 300 or 3000 participants.

  • Event Specialists from For Conference are available;
  • Combine a conference call with a webcast;
  • Professionally set up and supervised;
  • National and international available;

We can host your event call in many different ways. If you want to set up an event with 20, 200 or 2000 participants, we will arrange it. Participants can dial in themselves or can be called by operators. If you want to know the number of participants and their names, then you can use the registration module for your event, where the participants register themselves for your event. You know who has signed up, but also who has actually participated.

During the call, various features are available, supported by our operator. You have the opportunity to conduct a Q & A session among the participants during your event. You can also have the call recorded and we facilitate transcription. The operator offers support if necessary, so that your call runs smoothly.

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