Calling in to the conference call

By conference calling you will quickly get in touch and discuss with everybody involved; more efficient meetings, faster decisions and team collaboration. Don’t waste time and money on expensive trips or endless travel times and traffic jams to meet together.  Our service is always available; wherever and whenever.

Getting started within 15 minutes after registration.

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Our platform is monitored 24 hours a day. That’s why we can deliver quality of service and our service always works. You don’t have to book or make a reservation with us. You request one-off data which can later be re-used.

Applications can be made by telephone (036-767 02 90), email of our contact form. You can request a meeting card at the bottom of this page. You only make costs if you use the service; we don’t charge any subscription or start-up fee. Participants can dial in their own country via our international dial-in numbers so that they don’t have high international calling costs.

Once a month you receive a specified invoice with exactly the costs per conference call per participant. This way you can monitor the use properly. If you want a cost center or other data to be added to the invoice, this is no problem at all.


  • Easy to use;

  • Crystal clear sound quality;

  • No subscription, start-up or other hidden costs;

  • Request once, no need to make a reservation;

  • Dial-in locally, worldwide;

  • Available 24 hours a day;

  • 24/7 Dutch Helpdesk;

  • Specified, clear invoice;

  • Competitive prices.


  • With *0 you can request Operator Assistance into your conference ;

  • You can record the meeting and listen to it later;

  • With the local dial-in numbers, participants can dial in at a local rate;

  • With Toll Free, participants can dial in free of charge;

  • You can add file numbers to your meeting;

  • A SmartMeet app to set up a call even faster;

Sign up for an account

Sign up for your free meeting card with your personal information by using the form below. This is offered to you without obligation. You can use our service 24/7/365 and start a conference call at any time without making a reservation. You only have costs when you use our service.

  1. Registration

Our service is very easy to use. You once sign up via the website, by telephone or via our email address. Within 15 minutes you will receive an email with dial-in numbers, a conference code and pin code. You will receive your meeting card (wallet card) seperately by post.

  1. Setting up

For setting up the conference call, you inform your participants about date, time, dial-in number and conference code. No special software is required. At the agreed time, everyone dials in and enters the conference code. The chairman opens the conference call with the PIN code.

  1. During the conference call

*2 allows you to record the conference call. If you use this feature you will receive an email with your recordings after the meeting. If you have a question during the call, you can call an operator from For Conference with * 0. The operator will help your conference call run smoothly.

Our service has many more options, such as muting the lines and monitoring the call.

  1. Afterwards

If you have recorded the meeting, you will receive a link to listen to the call. Do you want to hold a conference call again? Then simply use the same information for your next meeting. That’s how easy our service works!

Our Conference Call service is a professional solution for companies and organizations who want to use a stable platform with excellent audio quality. Our service offers various features for setting up your conference call more easily or recording it for example.


You can easily record your conference call with our service. Afterwards you will receive an email with a link to listen the recording.


Our conference call service app is called SmartMeet and can be downloaded in the Appstore and Playstore. With just one pre-selection key you can immediately start your conference call.

International dial-in

For Conference offers participants worldwide the opportunity to dial-in in their own country. They don’t need to call a Dutch phone number to participate. Especially if a mobile phone is used, this saves a lot in costs.

24/7 Operator Support

If you have a question or would like to have a participant called during your conference call, you can always contact an operator. This service is also 24/7 available and can be called via * 0.

Outlook Plugin

With the Outlook Plugin scheduling your meetings is even easier. With the Outlook plug-in you can easily monitor your meetings and save meeting data, which you can add to your meeting invitations.

You can schedule a meeting directly from your Outlook calendar by opening an appointment in your calendar. After selecting a time and adding participants, you can add the meeting details by clicking the Meeting logo in your Outlook menu.

This automatically adds your dial-in number, conference code, and a link that attendees can easily click to participate to the meeting.

Listening mode

If you suffer from annoying background noise, or want to conduct a consultation during the call, you can put your line in listening mode yourself (mute). You then listen to the conference call but cannot be heard by the other participants. When you unmute yourself you can be heard again in the call.

Roll Call

When you have called in to our conference call service, you are asked to state your name. This will be repeated at the beginning of the meeting so that everyone knows who is in the call. This option can be switched on and off.

Our service offers you several feature codes to manage your call. Click to request an overview.

For Conference provides a professional conference calling service. Our technology is redundant (double) implemented so that the service is always working. The technology of For Conference is situated in an international network and makes it possible for participants to dial in in their own country. Participants don’t have high international calling costs. You can dial in from any country with both a landline and a mobile phone.

Do you want to use a conference call service that you can trust? For Conference is your partner!

We provide a safe service without start-up costs, subscription costs or other hidden costs. From self-employed people to multinationals, everyone uses our service satisfactorily. If you are not satisfied, you can also stop using our conference call service at no cost.

You can request meeting details for everyone within your organization without any obligation or costs. If you don’t use our service, you don’t have any costs. The actual costs are calculated per minute per participant. At the beginning of the month you will receive a clear invoice with the costs split per conference call.

To request your price list, complete the “request a price list” form or contact us by phone at +31(0)36-7670290.

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